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Max Cheap Rates. $1.0 per 1000 stitches .Free Edits.Online support 24 Hours 7 day. Tel. :(+66)803096346

Quality embroidery digitizing

  You seem to be looking for quality digitizing embroidery design?  

Digitizingonline are a specialist of embroidery digitizing company in Thailand. Our team also has long experience in both embroidery and digitization for nearly 15 years. We provide 24-hours service 7 days a week. You will receive your completed file within 2-24 hours after sending us your artwork. The rush tape can be provided in just a few hours.
We have an embroidery digitizing techniques from regular to special digitizing like 3d puff, applique, three-dimensional effects and complex designs. We can guarantee our quality that you will have tranquility about quality, smooth running, competitive priced, and satisfy with our services and job. We are accepted by many companies.

Serving the needs of custom embroidery digitizing, our clientele include custom embroidery shops, promotional product companies, apparel manufacturers, home textile suppliers, embroidery hobbyists and more. We have satisfied and loyal customers in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Australia and many more. Having over 15 years of experience in the embroidery digitizing industry, possessing great digitizers and the latest technologies, with premium quality, reasonable prices and many discounts, fast turnaround time, easy ordering system and secure payment process, we are the right digitizing service provider that you can count on.

Max Cheap Rates. $1.0 per 1000 stitches .Free Edits.Online support 24 Hours 7 day. 

        FREE Digitzing trial 5000 stitches

If you are looking for quality embroidery digitizing, then digitizingonline is the place where you will get quality and satisfactory digitizing results with the most resonable digitizing rates in the Online industry. Just give us a Risk FREE Digitzing trial 5000 stitches and check the services you will get. With the combination of Quality, Cheap rates and Dedicated support you will not look further.

If you are new to embroidery digitizing, it is the process of taking a logo, pattern, other creative artwork, even photo, and converting it into a digital file in certain format/language that the embroidery machine can execute and stitch it out. Embroidery digitizing is a complex process which uses stitch types including fill stitch, satin stitch and running stitch to create an embroidery design. This process is done with the help skilled digitizer's manual input and creative treatments. As a matter of fact, many of our clients sent us "auto-digitized" file and asked us to re-digitize it, since the result of an "auto-digitized" design is as bad as the ones done by amateur digitizer. The reason is simple, embroidery digitizing requires creative input and so far no computer or robot is as creative as human and they may never be.

Hope be establish a long and a mutual benefit business relationship with you will find us an honest and reliable partner in our cooperation Contact Our


  Only $1/1000 stitches 12-24 hours turn around time. Only $5.0 minimum charge.  
  Only $1.25/1000 stitches 2-12 hours turn around time. Maximum charge $75per design  
  No extra charge for rush jobs. which can be delivered Extremely fast turnaround time within 2-24 hours  
  Free! embroidery designs format conversion. Free! editing in most, if not all cases  
   Free! quotes. Easy payment by paypal  

Online Payment

At we utilize the world-class online payment service by PayPal. It is fast and secure. You can pay with credit card without having a PayPal account. Simply follow the link in the invoice e-mail we send (through PayPal), or, simply click the button below and you will be redirected to their secure payment site. It takes only a few moments to complete the payment.

If you would rather not use PayPal service, please let us know your preference.

Here is how digitizingonline works

You place order online (or get a quote first) using the form Quote/Order form
Or, you may simply send request to
Our digitizers work around the clock to ensure quick delivery;
We then review the design for quality assurance, modify where needed;
We send the completed design (digitizing file, preview image / work sheet) invoice back to your email.
Just as simple as 1-2-3, eh?


Easy step to order

Only You place order online in form Quote/Order form when Completed design We will send design for you to your Registered Email and invoice (pdf) when your design is completed.
easy pay You can pay with credit card without having a PayPal account. Simply follow the link in the invoice e-mail we send (through PayPal)
have Monthly credit for customer Just contact us on web chat online or Email
Procedure is simple, easy, fast, without any obligation to the customer. You can design the best cheap and easy system in your business                              

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Our Digitizers - who will be doing your embroidery digitizing designs
Equipped with the latest technologies (computer, digitizing software, digitizer tablet, etc.) in embroidery digitizing, all of our digitizers have at least 15 years of experience in the digitizing industry, many over 10 years. They are not just excellent in using embroidery digitizing software, but also knowledgeable about operating, or have in person operated embroidery machines. They know how to properly digitize a design based on different factors such as fabrics, textures, threads, sizes, placements and more, to ensure the best quality possible. Furthermore, they have artistic visions and they work with passion - most of them have been trained in graphic design







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Embroidery digitizing design 1$ Premium Quality Free design 5000 stitches

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